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Mécanismes Physiopathologiques et Conséquences des Calcifications Cardiovasculaires

Our laboratory // MPC3CV

The Unit is located at the University Research Center in Health (CURS), a new building of the University of Picardy Jules Verne dedicated to research on the site of Amiens’ hospital.  The unit MP3CV works on the topic of vascular calcifications, their physiopathological mechanisms and their consequences.

Our scientific project

1. Molecular mechanisms involved in the calcification process
2. Hemodynamic and structural consequences of vascular calcification in animal models and in humans
3. Therapeutic strategies to prevent and treat cardiovascular calcifications


News of the Unit

The first prize of the SFR-Cap Santé (Federative structure of research-Champagne Ardennes Picardie) was awarded during the annual research meeting in Reims on March 31st 2017 to Olivier Varennes (PhD student in his 3rd year) of the unit  for his oral communication entitled “Possible opposite roles of the epoxide hydrolase domains in the development of vascular calcification”. The 1000€ prize will be used to attend a congress.

Our research team

Our unit is composed of teacher-researchers, professors, engineers, clinicians, pharmacists and students. For now more than 4 years, the main topic of the unit is to elucidate the mechanisms and the consequences of vascular calcifications, and to identify strategies to prevent and treat vascular calcifications. Since chronic kidney disease (CKD) increases cardiovascular calcifications incidence, an important part of our experimental and clinical researches was developed in the context of CKD.


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